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Vocational Training

Vocational Training

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Building Trades: Students learn masonry such as laying block, brick and tile, how to apply rough and finish carpentry, wire residential electrical systems such as breakers, outlets, and switches, and install residential plumbing systems.

Cosmetology: Training and preparation for state licensing and entry into the beauty industry; the curriculum covers all phases of cosmetology leading to such positions as hair stylist, makeup artist, nail technician, and even fashion stylist.

Culinary Arts: Comprehensive coverage of sanitation rules and laws, food safety and safe food handling, service, and all aspects of baking and cooking, including pastry, meat, and sauce techniques.

Hair Culture: Training in cosmetology for state license, including standard, rope and knot braiding, French braids, hair extension installation; includes all of the tools and techniques for cutting, coloring, and styling.

Medical Office Assistant: Students gain expertise in gauging and recording vital signs, performing basic lab procedures, assisting doctors and nurses with patient care and treatment, as well as medical terminology and medical office administration.

Music and Video Production: Students study and apply the capture of audio and video sources, implement editing technology to audio and video, use technology such as computers and mixing boards to edit and finish audio and video projects, record, edit and produce original content such as video and/or music, and produce content for school announcements, television and student/staff consumption.

Nail Technician: Students will earn necessary Cosmetology training to gain a state license, how to follow state and salon sanitation requirements and clinical procedure, learn nail care and grooming,and how to produce airbrush nail artistry freehand and with templates.

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